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About Us

Compass is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers devoted to serving and empowering women who are exploited and trafficked in the sex industry as well as those who are considered vulnerable to it. We serve women and youth in northern Ohio counties, primarily in Lorain and Erie counties.

We are founded out of a deep compassion for women trapped in the life-and-death struggle of prostitution, sex trafficking, poverty and addiction. Our purpose is to provide empowering resources and programs that change lives now and in future generations.

OUR MISSION is to inspire and lead our communities to act and support victims of human trafficking while providing the vulnerable and exploited with victorious hope.

OUR VISION is to equip prostituted, trafficked and vulnerable women and youth with tools and resources to claim victory and live empowered lives. 

Our guiding principles are grounded in the Christian faith. We value accountability, service, teamwork, community, communication, integrity, passion, prayer, and respect.